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Mobile Team Building Sacramento

Team Building Sacramento is best with the Sacramento Old Town Mobile Adventure team building: Your group will explore and experience Old Town Sacramento in a competitive Amazing Race style adventure.

Our Team Building Sacramento staff will meet you in Old Town to get things started, and make sure everything is perfect!

A Mobile Adventure tablet allows each team to select how they will earn points throughout the adventure, and it allows them to take creative pictures that are part of the competition and automatically saved on a private internet link for viewing during the event and later. Fun, teamwork, active, and uniquely Sacramento, a perfect offsite adventure.

Begin and end where you want, in a convenient local site such as the Delta King, at our office in the heart of old town, or at a local restaurant such as the Rio City Café or Ten22.

We provide:

  • Galaxy Tab 4 Tablets with your Custom Game Loaded
  • Bandannas,
  • Team Challenge Materials
  • Customized Map
  • Immediate Results after Event
  • Team Building Sacramento Staff and Scoring
  • Private link to pictures for viewing and downloading during and after the event
  • Amazing and energizing experience that is uniquely Sacramento!

Ideal at 1 to 3 hours.

Combine with teamwork, leadership, innovation, or sales training for a full day business retreat.

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  • Robot Team Building


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Robot Team Building Sacramento

Similar to the popular ABC television show “BattleBots”, robot team building allows teams to build a functioning robot and then compete against other teams in a series of competitions.

Two popular formats:

  • Head to Head: “BattleBot” style – Multiple battles against other teams.
  • Speed and Skill Competitions – 7 competitions against other teams in real time

A true test of communication, leadership and teamwork, Robot Team Building requires the entire team to successfully build the robot. Both competition formats give everyone a chance to operate the robot, and challenge the team to strategize and adapt throughout the entire event.

The Speed and Skill competitions are designed to start easy and build progressively harder as the team becomes more skilled at using the robot. Everyone on the team will drive in each competition at least once. We make robots accessible and fun!

Popular with companies like:

  • Facebook
  • Electronic Arts
  • Dropbox
  • Edwards Life Sciences
  • Pandora
  • Intel
  • HP
  • E&J Gallo
  • Pfizer
  • Genentech
  • and many more!

Flexible formats to fit your schedule from 1 to 3 hours.

Combine with teamwork, leadership, innovation, or sales training for a full day business retreat.


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TeamWork Energizer!

Energize your group with a teamwork focused event that gets people up and moving around, talking, interacting, and improving teamwork all to be the winning team!

20 unique teamwork focused activities challenge each team to complete as many as possible. They can choose any or all of the activities and will be doing many simultaneously to insure everyone is engaged!

The winning team is announced at the end, along with all of the team results!

  • Choose how long you want your competition to last
  • Choose how many people per team (5 to 20 per team)
  • 20 different team activities in each team kit – each team chooses their own custom path to success!
  • Flexible time from 30 minutes to 3 hours
  • Quick set-up & strike perfect for tight schedules!

Thousands of happy participants, and hundreds of satisfied clients, guarantees people will:

  • Have Fun
  • Be Challenged
  • Be Engaged

TeamWork Energizer! is affordable, flexible, and proven!

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CSI Crime Solving


iCSI is a unique team building Sacramento crime solving event where teams must prove who stole “Anti-Matter” using evidence they discover, and solid reasoning. Each team receives a Presidential briefing on the theft of “Anti-Matter” and a complete CSI investigators kit. Only 4 possible suspects have means, motive and opportunity.

The investigation has narrowed in on these 4 people. Your team has suspect statements, evidence, and more evidence to discover in order to make one of them talk. You can interview and interrogate the suspects to get more information or force them to confess.

iCSI team building is as close as you can get to solving a crime without being an actual CSI or a TV or Movie actor!

Teams can:

  • Interview and interrogate actual suspects
  • Discover hidden evidence
  • Use actual Crime Scene Investigator tools and techniques
  • Input answers & earn points using the Electronic Crime Solving Assistant

Flexible formats to fit your schedule from 1 to 4 hours.

Combine with teamwork, leadership, innovation, or sales training for a full day business retreat.

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Painting by the Masters

Painting by the Masters is an elegant and engaging team building Sacramento experience for your team or office. Mixing paint colors to create new ones and painting on canvas is fun, and the process relaxes the mind and invites conversation between colleagues. Painting by the Masters is a great way to get to know people better and to grow existing relationships.

Each team of 4-5 people will complete one giant canvas using a unique “paint by letters” technique that allows anyone to make a “masterpiece.”

  • A surprise ending happens when all of the seemingly unrelated paintings come together and we assemble one large cohesive mural to inspire awe!

Send us your own picture, or use one of ours, either way the end result is unforgettable. Keep the picture for inspiration back at the office, or donate it to a local school, nursing home, or charity.

Flexible formats to fit your schedule from 1 to 3 hours.

Combine with teamwork, leadership, innovation, or sales training for a full day business retreat.


  • “I have been involved with leadership and team development programs since 1989, and think that I’ve finally come upon the right combination of talent, content, and action that you and your team brought to the table. The design you put together encompassed those key elements of adult learning that set the stage for success. Then your delivery and the rapport you built with the entire class of almost 50 sealed the deal!”

    John Lingvall
    Vice President, Director of Education California Bankers Association
  • “I highly recommend Wayne Bennett’s Interactive speech. He is an energetic and articulate speaker who connected with our audience. He integrated issues that were directly relevant to our company, and provided insightful ideas about how we could maximize our ROI through improving teamwork. The combination of the speech and a well run professional team building program was the perfect combination. We definitely left with a lot to think about and an appreciation of the things we are already doing great.”

    Jordan D. Clark
  • “I think as good as our two-day program was, your event was the one everyone talks about the most. It was just great. Our Training Section was pretty impressed as well. And we love the pictures! These are such fun. Very considerate of you and a nice way to keep the feeling alive.”

    Linda Brughelli
    California Department of Justice
  • “When we first hired TeamWorx we were dealing with a multitude of issues. Trust issues, communication issues, issues between line staff and upper management, and many tangible consequences from these issues in the workplace. I was amazed at the rapport Wayne built immediately with a wide range of employees you could actually see them building trust. We have brought Wayne back year after year with sustainable positive results. He has made a very tangible difference in the feel and function of our workplace.”

    Hyacinth L. Bryant
    City of Atlanta
  • “It has been my pleasure to work with Wayne and his team for the past 5 years. Each program that he has facilitated for us has been very successful and well received by our participants. Working with Wayne is very easy and he is full of great, creative and innovative ideas. Wayne took care of it all – from arranging the activity, bringing the supplies to working with the children’s counselors to bring them to lunch. I look forward to working with the talented Teamworx crew at many future events!”

    Don Beeman
    Grant Thornton LLP
  • “100% would use TeamWorx again for future Team Building activites! TeamWorx did an amazing job setting up, working with and executing a great event for over 175 people traveling from WA, OR, NV, and CA. The TeamWorx Mobile Adventure was well organized and incredibly successful in promoting positive team behaviors. I can not say enough how great it was to work with the entire TeamWorx group! Thanks!”

    Nick Mendibles
    Chipotle Mexican Grill
  • “The variety of tasks, the need for ingenuity by team members, and the energy that was created was all fantastic. Then donating the bicycles through our local United Way to a group of children awaiting foster homes just blew the house off the roof! I received incredible reviews from the participants as they undertook the bicycle building tasks and following the event. Multiple individuals sought me out to tell me it was the best team building event they had ever participated in. Kudos on a job very well done.”

    Jeff Frederick
    VP, Business Technology Pfizer